Islamic Finance Simplified

Devon Islamic Finance is Houston’s trusted Shariah compliant Halal mortgage and Islamic finance provider. Our tailored Halal home financing products are designed to assist clients purchase a home without entering an interest-based home loan. Our Islamic home finance solutions help clients achieve their goals in line with their spiritual values.


At Devon Islamic Finance, our home loan solutions in Houston, TX, comply with faith-based financing principles and approved by a reputable Sharia Supervisory Board. We offer an ethical way to finance your family future by offering an Islamic home loan, as evidenced by our competitive pricing compared to conventional Houston mortgage companies and other faith-based financing providers.

Financing the real estate activities of our Houston clients is at the heart of our business here at Devon Islamic Finance. Impeccable client care is at the core of everything that we do. We pay close attention to your needs and objectives in order to tailor our Halal home financing solutions accordingly. We are flexible and reliable, combining our enthusiasm with experience to provide you with the right Halal home financing solution that you need. Our Islamic home loan programs in Houston, TX, provides quality financing terms under our Murabaha financing structure. You can expect rapid response and pre-approvals from our team of Halal mortgage experts.

Shop your first home with greater confidence with reliable Houston Halal financing that can help you realize your dreams. You will enter your house with peace of mind knowing all processes and financing terms are done the Halal way. By following the Murabaha structure to help you stay on budget, Devon Islamic Finance in Houston provides with the opportunity to purchase the residential property that you’ve always wanted for yourself and loved ones. We will help you structure the financing terms in Sharia compliant ways. Our team of Halal mortgage professionals in Houston, Texas, will work closely with you to assist in calculating your expenses to help you live within your means. By opting for our Islamic finance solutions, you can successfully buy a property jointly with us while the deed of the property goes under your name.

Our Halal mortgage refinancing solutions here at Devon Islamic Finance is highly competitive, providing the best available options in the Houston open market. Whether you’ve had your current traditional home loan for some time, or your circumstances have changed since you took out your mortgage, our Islamic home refinancing experts will help you fulfil your goals. We make it easy for clients to switch to an authentic, Halal alternative easily. Don’t get stuck in a conventional home loan when you we can offer you Islamic refinancing products in Houston that are compliant with both the United State and Islamic legal systems.

As the leading Islamic mortgage company in Houston, TX, our Islamic refinancing specialists will be assisting you in the refinancing process filled with challenges and difficult decision-making. We go the extra mile to help you navigate Halal refinancing with ease and utmost confidence. Through our Houston Halal home refinancing service, we will help you lower your monthly payments, shorten your term, and access equity in your home while upholding the principles of the Islamic faith. Rather than a loan that incorporates unjust or unlawful increase to the value of your property, our Islamic refinancing products display partnership with our clients to make homeownership an interest-free and equitable arrangement.

Refinancing a conventional home loan is a major undertaking marked by highs and lows along the way. Devon Islamic Finance is here to help simplify the Houston refinancing process for you. Our Halal refinancing professionals in Houston will break down jargons and help you navigate the refinancing journey from start to finish. We will educate and inform you about the associated settlement costs and applicable fees. Based on your current financial situation, our Halal mortgage refinancing professionals will help you decide the type of Islamic home loan fits your needs and budget.

At Devon Islamic Finance, we offer the Debt Diminisher Card or D3 that provides clients the ability to reduce their payments or pay off their Houston Halal mortgage faster. We know that paying your Islamic mortgage is inarguably one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make in your lifetime.  Our Houston Debt Diminisher Card is designed to work as a traditional bank account where clients can process everyday transactions, including shopping, groceries, gas, and more.

Our clients can easily deposit their salary or savings onto the D3 or Debt Diminisher Card to increase your payments  against the total amount of your Islamic home loan. One of the great benefits of our D3 Card here at Devon Islamic Finance is that you can access your money any time.

When you sign up for a Debt Diminished Card, you will receive a debit card, which you can use to make daily purchases, from withdrawals, funds transfer, bills payments, and more. Here at Devon Islamic Finance, we can help you save a lot of money over the long term while effectively reducing your Halal mortgage balance and shorten the term as well. We provide you with superior flexibility in managing your finances while securing Halal mortgage payments in a timely and efficient manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, because this is an installment sale or a lease, depending on the transaction form chosen.

No. As an Islamic financing company, we closely adhere to the Islamic Shariah Law which forbids borrowing or lending money in exchange for interest. Depending on the type of transaction chosen by clients, our Houston financing products are categorized as an installment sale or a lease. Our Houston Islamic home loan follows a slightly different process, enabling our clients abide by the rules on interest when financing their Houston home.


Yes. At Devon Islamic Finance, you can switch from a conventional Houston mortgage to an Islamic home loan. Whether you are planning to refinance your primary residence or investment property in Houston, TX, our Halal refinancing specialists will guide you to successfully refinance to reduce monthly payments, shorten mortgage terms, or unlock equity when you need them. Under our Halal refinancing program, you agree to enter a partnership agreement with Devon Islamic Finance to help you reap refinancing benefits while upholding your religious values. Non-Muslims are also welcomed to apply for Halal refinancing to switch from their conventional Houston mortgage to an Islamic mortgage.

We at Devon Islamic Finance work with a supervisory committee made up of experts in Islamic finance and Shariah Law. All our documents are drafted in consultation with local religious authorities. As a reputable Islamic financing company in Houston, we have received the Fatwa of the Shariah Supervisory Board of America (Mufti Nawal-ur-Rahman) and other esteemed scholars. Our Halal mortgage and Islamic home loans in Houston, TX, are Shariah compliant and remain so by carrying out reviews to ensure our financing products are deemed acceptable.

Yes. We require a 5% down payment for our Halal mortgage in Houston, Texas. However, the more deposit you can put down, the lower your monthly payments will be and the better your chances of getting a favorable Islamic home financing structure from Devon Islamic Finance.

Yes. Several interpretations of Islamic Law permit the assessment of late payments to inspire Halal mortgage holders to pay in a timely manner. We only utilize late payment fees to cover our costs. The remaining late payment fees are collected and deposited into an account to offset costs and donate to charitable organizations. We follow the Islamic Law that prohibits the assessment of late payments to clients dealing with financial difficulties. At Devon Islamic Finance, we do not assess a late payment for clients who can provide enough evidence of their financial hardship.

As we follow the Islamic home financing scheme, paying two transfer taxes may be applicable due to the transaction forms that are involved in the purchase of a property. Since a Halal mortgage involves the concept of co-ownership with a financing institution such as Devon Islamic Finance, there may be two transfer taxes owed. The presence of a second transfer tax will depend on your location . To learn how many taxes you must pay, call 888-90-DEVON today.

Apart from offering Halal mortgage and Islamic financing solutions in Houston, Texas, we also cater to clients living in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

The Murabaha financing concept that we apply here at Devon Islamic Finance means that we bear certain risks, too. Unlike a conventional Houston home loan where clients bear all the risks, our Shariah compliant financing programs follow the co-owner program that enables us to share the risks. We also follow different terms when it comes to variables such as late payments, pre-payments, and missed payments.

To receive updated information on our current rates for Halal mortgage in Houston, please contact 88-90-DEVON today.

To refinance a conventional mortgage to a Halal mortgage in Houston, Texas, you must cover all missed payments to be current. You must provide a financial statement from your current Houston mortgage company showing proof that your mortgage is paid up to date. After this, you may then proceed with the Islamic home refinance application process with us at Devon Islamic Finance.