Here is what our employees are saying about us!

"Working at Devon Bank as an Islamic Finance Specialist has been an amazing experience. There are great highs, when you are able to help a customer save over $1,500 a month on their current mortgage with another lender. Then there are days that have lows, when your file has been returned to you, and you are forced to advocate on behalf of your client to resolve the matter to get it approved. These moments are when you realize the team that surrounds you is what truly gets you through. They are not only there for moral support but truly give it their all in helping you brainstorm in these difficult times. That is what truly makes it magical to work for this Devon Islamic Team. I truly enjoy my position in helping the Islamic community obtain the American Dream of home ownership."
Linda Elmoustaquim
Islamic Finance Originator
"Working as an Islamic Finance Specialist with Devon Islamic has been a fulfilling career move. Day in and day out, I’m privileged to have the opportunity to work with different people from all walks of life in helping them lay down their roots and live out the American Dream of home ownership in a Shariah compliant manner. Is it a 9-5 job, absolutely not. But do I walk away satisfied every day knowing I helped bring a positive change to someone’s life and their family’s lives, absolutely yes."
Abdur Rehman
Islamic Finance Originator