Celebrating SVP Nazir Gurukambal and His 30+ Years at Devon Bank

We at Devon Bank are excited to honor an outstanding person whose dedication has greatly influenced our company for over 30 years. This article will explore Senior Vice President Nazir Gurukambal’s success story and the milestones defining his extraordinary career. 
His Background 
Nazir Gurukambal hails from Mangalore, India, and relocated to Chicago in 1991 to pursue a new, fresh opportunity. Since relocating to Chicago, Nazir fell in love with the famous Chicago Bulls. Outside supporting his favorite sports team, he also enjoys the picturesque Chicago Botanic Garden, which he considers one of the most beautiful and serene sites in the city. Looking back on his first years in his new hometown, Nazir loves the diversity and acceptance he has received from his local Chicago community. 
Life At Devon Bank 
Nazir Gurukambal holds the esteemed position of Senior Vice President in the Islamic Financing Division at Devon Bank. For years, he has played an instrumental role in developing the Murabaha product and securing the Shariah Board Approval. Since the approval from this esteem board, our Murabaha product has become of the cornerstones of our Islamic financing offerings. This product expanded the bank’s range of financial services that catered to the Islamic community’s distinct financial and sales needs, showcasing Devon Bank’s dedication to exclusivity. 
Nazir’s passion, dedication, and innovative leadership brought tremendous growth in the Islamic Financing Division. This expansion has reinforced the bank’s pledge to offer its clients diverse and comprehensive financial solutions. In addition, Nazir serves as a key mentor and supporter for colleagues, assisting in career development and fostering a positive, cooperative environment at Devon Bank. 
30+ Years At Devon Bank 
When asked about his 30+ years at Devon Bank, Nazir shares that there have been many surprises and memorable moments throughout his journey. He believes the primary key to his longevity and success is his passion for his work, along with the enjoyment he derives from it. He also attributes the rest of his success to the relationships that he established with clients, within the company, and in the community. 
Wishing Nazir Gurukambal’s Ongoing Success 
We are incredibly grateful to have Nazir as a part the Devon Bank family, and we wish him continued success. His story serves as a testament to the impact one individual can have on an organization and the power of embracing opportunities and enjoying the work you do. Here’s to many more years of achievements, growth, and success for Nazir Gurukambal at Devon Bank! 
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